Diapontie Islands

Off the northwest coast of Corfu, 10-14 miles from the coast, a group of islands, called Diapontie (over the sea), form the western end of the Greek territory. Of these only three are inhabited: Erikoussa, Othonì and Matraki, small havens where time seems to stand still and life flows quietly at a slow pace. Hard to believe but, despite the tourist development of very close localities and off the usual sea routes, there are still corners of uncontaminated land of extraordinary beauty.

Othonì: the most western point of Greece, is the largest of the three and has mostly steep and rocky shores and extraordinarily crystalline waters; to the west lies the beautiful beach of “Aspri Ammo” (white sand) with the cave of Calypso, which legend recounts is the place where Calypso bewitched Ulysses and held him captive.

Erikusa has about 300 inhabitants and is the most populous of the Diapontie; it is said that its name derives from the heather bushes (“riki” in Greek) found in large quantities on the island.

The southern beach, where the village of Porto is also located, is a huge sandy expanse with shallow and limpid waters.

Mathraki: it is located further south and is only 4 mg from Cape Arilas of Corfu. The smallest of the Diapontie is characterized by a very dense and lush vegetation and has a splendid deserted beach of fine and reddish sand , where sea-turtles have their nesting sites. The cruise through the Diaponti islands is ideal for those who want to enjoy their holiday among pleasant sailing, coves, endless swims and dinners with fish and seafood caught during the day; all in the name of tranquility and according to serene and natural rhythms.

The program includes boarding and departure from the port of Otranto or San Foca.

The first landing after the crossing of the Canale d’Otranto will be the island of Othonì and, during the following days you will navigate between the Diapontie with stops in the coves and, in the evening, mooring in the most characteristic marinas where you can also organize walks and excursions inland. The route can vary according to the requests of the guests but, above all, according to the weather conditions and you can also expect a stop at the island of Corfu.

Boarding: Saturday at 19.30; disembarkation the following Saturday before 17.00.

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