Team building

Capitani Coraggiosi offers to businesses an extremely efficient and innovative way to entertain, motivate and teach its staff.
Life on a boat metaphorically represents company life: the same dynamics and challenges encountered in the business world are present on a boat. A sailboat navigates well, follows the preestablished route and arrives at its destination only if its crew works in harmony and as a team, just like a company team works on a project together with a unified objective.
The boat is an ideal place to stimulate active participation of everyone involved in the training, optimizing each one’s personal and professional abilities to reach a common goal.
The objective in a Sailing Team Building project is to create a group of people who know how to coordinate themselves through team work and develop a strong sense of belonging.

• Navigation for one or more days;
• Excursions with an intended goal where the group organizes itself through the maneuvers and simple management of the boat
• Fleet Regatas or match races between other boats (only for those who have a certain level of nautical experience).

Personalized programs are created on request and tailored to the company’s specific needs.